List of distributed films by Magnetes Pictures LTD.

List of distributed films by Magnetes Pictures LTD.


DIRECTOR: Władysław Pasikowski

PRODUCTION: Wonder Studio

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama


RELEASE DATE: 24th of January 2020 (UK)

CAST: Bogusław Linda, Cezary Pazura, Marcin Dorociński, Mirosław Baka

After 25 years, Franz Maurer gets out of from prison and came into a new Poland, where nothing is the same as he remembered. Who and what is waiting for a man who has done nothing for the last quarter century? How will he find himself in a world where old principles, roles and loyalty have ceased to apply? We’ll find out this when the fate brings Franz and „New” back together. Their meeting will change everything.


DIRECTOR: Michał Węgrzyn

PRODUCTION: Global Studio

GENRE: Biography, Music


RELEASE DATE: 22nd of November 2019 (UK)

CAST: Piotr Witkowski, Agnieszka Więdłocha, Ewa Ziętek, Antoni Pawlicki

Tomas Chada was a good guy at heart, great with rhyme and poetry, which lead him to becoming a rapper, well known in Poland. This story shows how he went through his suicidal stage to his pride days.


DIRECTOR: Tadeusz Śliwa


GENRE: Comedy, Drama


RELEASE DATE: 25th October 2019 (UK)

CAST: Tomasz Kot, Maja Ostaszewska, Kasia Smutniak, Paweł Simlat

A group of seven friends come together for dinner. What starts out as a normal evening, evolves into something else when they decide to play a game and read all text messages aloud and answer all phone calls on speakerphone…


PRODUCER: Picaresque

DIRECTOR: Dariusz Gajewski

GENRE: Drama, History, Romance



CAST: Sebastian Fabijański, Bartosz Gelner, Mirosław Baka, Jan Frycz

A universal story about entering adulthood in difficult times, growing up to the community. The great history is the background for the love story unfolding in the foreground: Józek, a deserter from the tsarists army who joins the emerging Legions, an intelligence agent for the I Brigade and Women’s League member – Ola, and Tadek, her fiancee, a member of Shooting Team. Apart from fictitious characters whose stories were modeled on the biographies of real legionnaires, many historical figures appear in the film. Among them: Brigadier Józef Pilsudski, Lieutenant Stanislaw Kaszubski, pseud. „King” and many others. The film focuses on the Legion’s combat trail from 1914-1916, from the departure from Oleandry to the battle of Kosciuchnowka and show the most dramatic cards of the legionary epic, including the famous attack of uhlans at Rokitna – one of the most spectacular scenes in the film.


DIRECTOR: Denis Delić

PRODUCER: Film Media S. A.

GENRE: Drama, War


RELEASE DATE: 9 November 2018 (UK)

CAST: Piotr Adamczyk, Kirk Barker, Gabriela Calun, Maciej Zakościelny.

This is the story of the highly regarded fighter squadron, in which served mainly airmen from Poland, in the history of aerial combat and their heroic defence of England during WW2, Battle of Britain against Nazi attacks. The 303 Squadron shot three times more Luftwaffe planes than any other allied squadrons.


DIRECTOR: Aleksander Pietrzak

PRODUCER:Gigant Films

GENRE: Comedy, Romance


RELEASE DATE: 28 September 2018 (UK)

CAST: Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Jan Peszek, Andrzej Chyra, Anna Smolowik.

The title protagonist is an orderly art teacher whose main problem in life is his father – an incessantly partying artist-painter. When the senior suffers a second heart attack and yet refuses to change his lifestyle, Juliusz will have to find a way to influence his behavior. The cure for the hero’s ills will seem to be accidentally met, careless veterinarian – Dorota. It will turn out, however, that real problems are just coming.


DIRECTOR: Kacper Anuszewski/Michał Milowicz

PRODUCER: Sky Map Production

GENRE: Comedy


RELEASE DATE: 3rd January 2020 (UK)

CAST: Olaf Lubaszenko, Przemysław Sadowski, Michał Milowicz, Bohdan Łazuka, Mirosław Zbrojewicz, Cezary Pazura.

Nerwowy is the head of the mafia in the Podhale region. As his name suggests, he is perpetually unsettled and jittery. His unease is well placed when his men foolishly target a police station in Tczew to „liberate” 120kg of marijuana from the holding room. Instead, the goons leave with 120kg of herbal tea because someone else has already pilfered the narcotics. Agents Dzik and Zubr from the Central Bureau of Investigation are swiftly on the trail of Nerwowy’s men.


DIRECTOR: Tomasz Konecki


GENRE: Romantic Comedy


RELEASE DATE: UK & IRE 5/04/2019, SWEDEN 12/04

CAST: Roma Gąsiorowska, Piotr Adamczyk, Maks Balcerowski, Marieta Żukowska, Joanna Liszowska, Tomasz Sapryk, Joachim Lamża, Izabela Dąbrowska, Jacek Borusiński

Their Lucky Stars is a charming summer-holiday-vibe story of love that appears in unexpected circumstances. The peaceful and organized life of Robert (Piotr Adamczyk), a symphony orchestra musician and single dad to a ten-year-old boy, Filip (Maks Balcerowski), takes a sudden turn when Marta (Roma Gąsiorowska), a charming and energetic popular fitness star runs into it. Two dissimilar characters, two different takes on love and life. Her world in a nutshell: big city, exotic travels, and sports. Marta has her own TV-shows and writes culinary books, and her face appears on the covers of the most popular magazines. Robert is a walking denial of the “sporty way of life”. His world is a safe haven comprised of parental duties, basketfuls of laundry, his son’s maths tests – all of it is working well until Martha walks into his life.

A go-getting celebrity and a man intimidated by her charm. Why did fate bring them together? Will they be able to find their happiness with each other? 


DIRECTOR: Peter Bebjak

PRODUCER: D.N.A. production (Slovakia)

YEAR: 2019

GENRE: Thriller, Horror


RELEASE DATE: 12/04/2019 UK

SCREENPLAY: Tomás Bombík

CAST: Matej Marušin, Mária Havranová, David Hartl, Tomas Mastalir, Juraj Loj, Tomáš Mischura, Martin Šalacha, Emanuel Hason, Ondrej Hraška, Jaroslav Mottl, Ela Lehotská.

Igor, an unemployed university graduate, discovers the psychiatric assessment reports of Walter Fischer. One day seventy years ago, Fischer disappeared under mysterious circumstances while walking in the Tribec mountains. Two months later, he reappeared under equally mysterious circumstances and had strange wounds and burns all over his body. He was disoriented, could not explain what had happened to him and never recovered. Igor continues his investigation and, to his astonishment, he learns that Fischer’s case was not at all isolated – mentions of mysterious disappearances in the mountains date far back into history. More and more chilling stories keep piling up. Igor, his girlfriend Mia, the conspiracy theorist Andrej and the inveterate sceptic David begin to dig deeper into the mystery and unearth a truth more terrifying than any fantasy. They embark on an expedition to the forests of Tribec, where they witness something that defies human understanding. Their initially innocent quest ends in tragedy. This mystery, as the group find out, has incredibly sharp teeth.


DIRECTOR: Kordian Piwowarski

PRODUCER: MTL Maxfilm – Tadeusz Lampka, Ilona Łepkowska

GENRE: Comedy


CAST: Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska, Ewa Kasprzyk, Zdzisław Wardejn, Aleksandra Hamkało, Nikodem Rozbicki, Maciej Zakościelny, Katarzyna Skrzynecka, Katarzyna Łaniewska, Małgorzata Rożniatowska, Paweł Nowisz, Anna Mucha, Jerzy Rogala, Wiktor Zborowski, Joanna Jarmołowicz, Wojciech Solarz, Mayu Gralińska-Sakai, Mikołaj Roznerski, Michalina Sosna, Jakub Kucner

RELEASE DATE: 15/03 (UK, IRE, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, USA, Norway,

The film’s main protagonist, Kasia (Grażyna Błęcka-Kolska), still lives in the village of Brzózki and fights off her unwanted suitor, Staszek Kolasa. Her son Marcin (Nikodem Rozbicki) unexpectedly returns to Poland and trouble finds him right away. The young man comes up with an idea for an unusual business enterprise… Subsequently, the Wolański family faces a sudden crisis. Mrs Wolańska (Ewa Kaskprzyk), a famous sex coach and a celebrity, publishes a controversial book. Her husband (Zdzisław Wardejn) and daughter Agnieszka (Aleksandra Hamakało) decide to rebelliously run away from home. They agree to visit Piotruś (Maciej Zakościelny) who lives a comfortable life with his wife Marlena (Katarzyna Skrzynecka) first. After that they embark on a journey into the unknown, which will lead to yet another unforgettable finale!


DIRECTOR: Sam Akina Michał Chaciński
:102 min

GENRE: Comedy, Romantic

CAST: Agnieszka Więdłocha, Maciej Stuhr, Weronika Książkiewicz, Danuta Stenka, Tomasz Karolak, Borys Szyc, Piotr Głowacki, Bogusław Linda

RELEASE DATE: 14/02 (UK, IRE, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, USA, Norway,

Everyone has a problem with their family. Tomek and Ania finally decide to get married. The wedding – on Anna’s request – will take a place in the village, with Tomek’s relatives which he hasn’t been in contact for a long time. It will turn out that his brothers and mother are like an Italian family – every single conversation threatens to quarrel, and from a great love to hate is sometimes only one step.

In addition, Anna’s mother , which comes to a wedding with a much younger partner, does not agree with the images of Tom’s mother about the stable mother-in-law for her son.

There will be new problems in the life of wedding guests – Ola and Bogdan, whose marriage will be exposed to a difficult test by crawling Nicholas and Zośka, who only saw the Polish village just on Instagram before.

But the real spark under a tinderbox will be unexpectedly arrival of Tomek’s Father who haven’t been seen for years.


DIRECTOR: Michał Otłowski, Daniel Markowicz

GENRE: Action

: 109′

CAST: Tomasz Włosok, Karolina Szymczak, Mikołaj Roznerski, Cezary Pazura, Rafał Mohr, Katarzyna Figura, Joanna Opozda, Aleksandra Linda, Patricia Kazadi, Agnieszka Włodarczyk oraz Aleksy Komorowski, Karolina Pilarczyk, Marcin „Różal” Różalski

RELEASE DATE: 01/02/ 2019 UK, IRE, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Norway,

The protagonist of the film is a young boy named Kuba who, due to his seriously ill sister, decides to get a quick cash by taking part in illegal car races. On his way he meets not only many difficulties but a girl Ewa, with whom he will be joined not only by love for racing.


DIRECTOR:  Kinga Dębska


PRODUCTION:  Studio Filmowe Kalejdoskop  – Zbigniew Domagalski

CAST: Dortota Kolak, Agata Kulesza, Maria Dębska, Marcin Dorociński.

RELEASE DATE: 04/01/ 2019 UK, IRE, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria,

The 40-year-old public prosecutor, Dorota is drinking – like she says – „just to not go crazy”. By covering herself with immunity, she is hiding all offenses committed under influence. Her husband, a well-known politician, tries to keep her problem as a secret and pulls her out of the various troubles, but is slowly getting fed up. The student Magda likes to party, and just because she is a great student and has a great job, no one makes her reproach. However, at some point, the girl loses ground under her feet when a half-conscious cause to the true tragedy. In turn, a respected child  – Teresa (Dorota Kolak) lost her family because of drinking, she has left only work in the hospital where she is the head of it. The situation gets out of control when it comes on duty under the influence of alcohol.

Women’s problems grow up, driving them and their loved ones into serious dangers. In the end, each of them will reach the bottom, will they be able to manage to bounce off?


DIRECTOR:  Michal Kwiecinski 

PRODUCER: Dorota Chamczyk (TVN), Anna Waśniewska-Gill (TVN), Michał Kwieciński (Akson Studio)

GENRE: Romantic Comedy


CAST: Olaf Lubaszenko, Aleksandra Adamska,Agnieszka Grochowska, Joanna Kulig, Mateusz Damiecki

RELEASE DATE: 14/12/ 2018 UK, IRE, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Norway,

The Christmas fever of the December time begins with the arrival of an unusual Santa to the city. It will be a storm of exceptional events. Romance with the most popular Polish footballer who meets a woman that nobody would call a football fan. Betrayals and secrets will upset many married couples and the wedding will have a surprising finale.

Wrightes: Sam Akina, Jules Jones



PRODUCTION:  Radosław Drabik i Michał Chaciński (Gigant Films).

CAST: Maciej Sthur, Agnieszka Więdłocha, Weronika KsiążkiewiczTomasz KarolakPiotr GłowackiJoanna JarmołowiczandDanuta Stenka.


RELEASE DATE: 14/1/ 2018 UK, IRE, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Norway,

Ania’s relationship (Agnieszka Więdłocha) and Tomek (Maciej Stuhr) are experiencing a serious crisis. He, showman-celebrity is never going to settle down. She wants a real relationship instead. In the meantime, Alexander – the millionaire fascinated by Ania, will appear. He is the owner of the Planeta Singles application and convinced that no one else fits him more than romantic music teacher.


DIRECTOR: Filip Zylber


PRODUCTION:  Endemol Polska

RELEASE DATE: 26 October  

CAST: Roma Gąsiorowska, Paweł Domagała, Magdalena Różyczka, Mateusz Damięcki, Borys Szyc.

RELEASE DATE: 26/10/ 2018

The Heart Wants What It Wants. is a film about lookin for love. It is about connections of people who have stopped believing in love, though in the depths of their hearts, are just waiting for such true love. However, it is not easy to find your other half, even if you spend a lot of time on dating. Daria and Filip – the main characters of the film have known each other for years and are the best friends. Filip is a classic „Peter Pan” and a heart breaker. After another, intoxicating night, when he wakes up next to a newly met girl, he will feel that he wants to change his life. He reminds his friend about the promises he made to her a few years ago. If they are not in serious relationships to thirty, they will get married and raise their child together. At first, Daria doesn’t like this idea, she finally gives up and succeeds in persuading her friend. Each of them at some point will have to answer the question, is that a friendship, or is it a love? When their lives take on a new line, fate will thwart their plans. Can love really survive everything? And above all – does it last forever?